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Menu Guide for Kiddie Party

PHP 175.00/HD

  • Spaghetti in red sauce or any pasta or noodles
  • Chicken lollipop or pork barbeque
  • Hotdog cocktail with marshmallow
  • Pastries (creampuff or éclair)
  • Sunkist tetra juice

Other pasta choices:

  • Lasagna Chicken fingers
  • Fettuccine with ham and bacon sauce 
  • Spaghetti with tomato and basil 
  • Birthday noodles
  • Pancit Malabon
  • Pancit canton
  • Pancit bihon
  • Bam I – noodles

Other meat choices:

  • Chicken fingers
  • Chicken barbeque
  • Fried chicken (drumsticks)
  • STonkatsu (breaded pork)




  • You must order adults menu to avail this kids menu
  • PHP 150.00/HD only if food are packed in a clean paper box with disposable spoon and fork (no service,no dinnerwares)